The Christmas Tree has become corrupted! Learn the secret on what we’re doing in 1.16 for Jackal’s Den by completing this dungeon! Max enchanted gear, potions, apples, pearls, elytra all required. If I’m online when you go to attempt the dungeon, I’ll give you a box of free gear, that you can keep if you complete it, only one time. Once Jackal’s Den goes to 1.16, the dungeon event will be removed!

We’ve now updated to 1.15. Went with spigot for now. Unlike previous times that I’ve held off until optifine or other plugins updated. Currently optifine hasn’t updated as well as dynmap. Enjoy the Beeees!

Announcement Time! We have a new community build starting up! The theme is ‘Tiny Homes’ and it is located out of the new nether nub, north about 100 blocks. Pick an 8×8 plot, claim it, and start building! If you finish a tiny home build and want to do another, feel free to claim another plot! :slight_smile: Just got done replacing our router with a Asus RT-AC1200 router and so far its working well. Hopefully it will help with the disconnection issues everyone has been having. Our IP changed unfortunately, so if you’re having issues connecting within 24 hours of this message, try a direct connect to IP: Also I tried to enable storms again and they quickly became a problem. If anyone has an idea as to why this happens please ping me.